Playdate, the game console on crank, gets a little closer

Playdate is a handheld, monochrome game system with a hand crank as a part of its controls. It’s by the people at Panic, who published the hit, Untitled Goose Game, and it’s got a load of developers working on games for it.

The news, October 2020

They had a number of setbacks, due to coronavirus, work from home, and factories also closing for some time. Making products is work. It’s harder when there’s a pandemic worldwide.

According to the playdate update blog,

  • Season 1 of games have been locked down. (S1 comes with it, S2 will be charged for)
  • The hardware is locked down. (the crank got tweaked.)
  • The packaging is locked.
  • They’re close to starting mass production.
  • Hardware is certified for the US, Japan, and EU
  • The SDK and Lua performance has been improved,
  • and the SDK now runs on Windows and Linux, in addition to Mac.

Orders will start early 2021. While you wait, here are some cool screengrabs of some of the games you’ll see in Season 1.

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