Pixel Puzzles 4K: Japan – now available on Steam

When it comes to whiling the time away, puzzles are one of the old, tried-and-true standbys. But what if you don’t want to store boxes and boxes on your shelves, or simply don’t have the space to dedicate to having a puzzle out? That’s where digital puzzles come in. One of the most recent releases is Pixel Puzzles 4K: Japan, and it’s easy to get – just head on over to Steam!

Apparently, the Pixel Puzzles franchise has been going strong since 2015, and has gotten millions of folks involved with building the puzzles in the various iterations. Want to see how this latest version works? Here’s a quick video trailer:

For those more text-oriented, here’s a rundown of what the puzzler is offering:

Pixel Puzzles 4k: Japan combines a traditional jigsaw puzzle style gameplay with light video-game interactivity. All hand drawn in a beautiful Japanese aesthetic, Pixel Puzzles 4K: Japan is perfect for gamers and puzzlers alike. Features include:

– Traditional puzzle gameplay.

– Relaxing Japan-inspired effects & ambience.

– 25 puzzles in a range of sizes from 84 to 432 pieces.

– Beautiful 4k photos taken on site in Japan.

– Interactive play environment.

Coming in at $9.99, the barrier to entry here is pretty low. And considering it’ll get you 25 different puzzles, there should be some “bang for the buck”. If you’re looking to get your digital puzzling on, head on over to Steam.

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