Pelican is now ready to protect your coffee

You are likely aware that Pelican has all manner of hard-cases to protect your gear. You might also be familiar with their bags for your regular commute (we reviewed one here). Well, you know what else most of us need on the regular? Cofffe. And now you can protect it with the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler.

So, ok, yes – that intro was a bit tongue-in-cheek, as there are definitely no shortage of options out there for carrying your coffee (or water, if you’re not hooked on the caffeine). For travel, I’ve been a longtime fan of the no-drip game coming from Contigo, and have used a number. Those are are great in the office, but once you’re out in the world, their finishes take to getting scratched up in a hurry. Not that it impacts the usability, but it doesn’t look quite as nice.

With the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler lineup, they’ve gone for powdercoating. While similar to painting, it can be used to create a more durable – while still deeply hued – coating on top of things (in this case, 18/8 stainless steel is used for the tumblers). So, it seems like it should stay good-looking for some time.

On the leak-proof front, the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler have that covered as well with the insulating lids. A big factor here will be how you can open (and close) the lid. This is one spot that the Contigos shine, with the lockable push-button action; this one looks like it’ll be a twist action. We’ll know more for sure once our review sample comes in.

One more thing about the lid of the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler – it actually has a loop molded in, which means you can easily loop a carabiner in there and latch it onto a belt loop or bag quickly. The Pelican Dayventure Tumbler range is available now in 5 colors (red, black, blue, silver, and teal) and three sizes – 10 oz ($19.95), 16 oz ($24.95), and 22 oz ($29.95). As mentioned, we’ll be going hands-on (and coffee-in) with one of these soon.

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