Now’s the time pre-order some of the heaviest denim on Earth

The Unbranded Brand does amazingly heavy-weight jeans that could feasibly double as soft ballistic armor. Their latest creation, the Heavyweight Big Slub Selvedge, will be available on November 22 and cost a surprising $134 for a pair of amazingly heavyweight denim jeans.

I’ve been a fan of Unbranded for years and if these are as good as the previous jeans I’ve picked up from them then you won’t be disappointed. One word of advice: these things are thick and dense and very unforgiving. Buy a size larger and be ready to wrestle these jeans into submission over a few weeks.

From the site:

Made from a 22oz super heavyweight indigo selvedge denim, this is the heaviest denim The Unbranded Brand has ever produced. This fabric is made using extra thick irregular shaped “big slub” yarns and slowly woven on vintage shuttle looms. This gives the denim it’s bumpy and uneven surface texture. The irregular shape of the yarns prevents the indigo dye to saturate the yarn uniformly, this produces areas of high and low indigo penetration in the denim. Over time these areas will fade at different rates giving the fabric more depth and character. The denim is also sanforized, which prevents shrinkage. Other details include the Unbranded Brand’s signature blue ear selvedge ID, pull up leather patch and chain-stitched hems, along with hidden back pocket rivets and button fly.

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