In Review: Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock

If you recall, a little bit ago, we told you about the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock (if you missed that, you can see it here). Since that original article, we were able to get a loaner of one in for a few weeks. So, now that I’ve had the clock up in my kitchen, we can give you our thoughts.

Once we got the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock in, the first thing to do (after putting some batteries in) was to setup the clock. That’s a pretty straight-forward process, as this video shows:

One thing that I should note, as we just went through the Daylight Savings time change here in Chicago – the clock did not automatically pick up the time change (even though it’s ostensibly getting a time signal from the internet), so that requires another quick connection from the phone to correct.

All that is left to do is figure out where you’ll put the clock up. For us, that spot was the kitchen. We normally have a clock up above sink, so the Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock took up temporary presence in it’s place. Hanging it pretty simple, as the key slot on the back fits a variety of fasteners, and the rubber bumpers on the back keep it from marring the surface.

Once the clock was up on the wall, I immediately appreciated the clean legibility of the clock. With the big, bold handset and the generous indices, it’s rather simple to get a quick read of the time, even across the room and having the clock a few feet above your head. Which, for an approximately 10″ diameter clock is no mean feat. And even at that distance, you can see the “trick” that this clock has.

The really trippy part about this clock – if you’ve not seen a Stop2Go in person – is the “stutter” that happens at the change of the minute. Here, the seconds hand pauses, the minute hand jumps to the next minute, and then the seconds hand catches back up. Here’s how it looks in action:

It fits with how the railway clocks actually work, and it allows you to tell exactly what time it is. This is additionally helped by the fact that just one edge of the minute hand touches the marker – again keeping it very clear what time it is that is being indicated by the clock.

If you’d like to get a Mondaine Stop2Go WiFi wall clock setup in your own home or office, the example we reviewed here runs $365. There are other options (some without wifi, some with Bluetooth) and various sizes, so you can no doubt find one that fits your space. Check out the full range over at

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