Now Funding: the Qi-enabled TuffyPack

Cell phones are an all-but-indispensable part of most of our lives. Given their utility, being able to have a full charge throughout the day has drawn folks to the idea of battery pack phone cases, rather than carrying a separate battery. Makes sense, you?ve always got it with you, ready to top the phone off. One drawback is the large bump most introduce to the profile of our thin phones. Addressing that issue is the new TuffyPack.

Frankly, if it weren?t for the Qi wireless charging standard showing up in more and more phones, something like the TuffyPack wouldn?t have really been possible. With it, though, you get clever ideas like this. To start with, you?ve got a colorful (and thin) case to protect your phone. Good start, no? Then, there?s the battery pack. It has magnets in it that align it in the right spot on your case, putting it right where it needs to be to charge your phone, wirelessly. Not only that, it?s color-matched to your case, so when it?s on, it looks almost like a single unit.

Fortunately, the TuffyPack is not limited to being a charging bank for just the phones they?ve got cases for. Anything that uses the Qi standard – be it other phones, headphones, or whatnot, can be charged on that. And if you?re a little behind the times – like myself – and don?t have anything with Qi technology in it, there is an additional USB port that you could plug in a cable to get the juice from the 3000mAh battery – or charge two devices at once.

Now that Qi charging is becoming more truly standard in phones, clever ideas like this TuffyPack will hopefully start popping more and more. Aside from the flexible modularity, this conceivably means you could easily replace the battery pack (or have a second as a spare) once cycles start knocking the life down. But that?s a problem for future you. If present you wants to pick one of these up, head on over to the Indiegogo campaign and get yours in one of four colors (blue, black, red, or carbon fiber). Super Earlybird pricing starts at just $19 for the Qi battery pack, or $24 for the battery pack plus the phone case. Funding is sitting at 1476% of their goal, so it seems likely this one will come to fruition (it?s also not Invisible Tech?s first rodeo). The campaign wraps up on September 7th, so you?ve got a little bit of time to make up your mind on if this is for you. Indiegogo

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