Now Funding: Sonic Lamb Headphones

Are you ready to pet the Sonic Lamb? Don’t worry because not won’t bite. It is, after all, one of the first headphones to use bone and air conduction to improve your personal audio experience.

The headphones, which are being funded on Indiegogo to the tune of $199, are shipping in February 2023 and will be available for sale in September 2023.

The headphones use both speakers and bone conduction to make the audio experience unique. “The experience of thunder, the thump from drums, rumbles in movie theatres and concerts, explosions etc are all the low frequency audio range and this is something that we can significantly sense and perceive through our body,” the team writes.

Instead of a subwoofer, the bone conduction features allow for crisp and deep bass reproduction. The product was created by Navajith Karkera and Jagath Biddappa, engineers who built hearing implants that “improvised a method of audio transmission without solely depending on the ear.” The solution combines air and body conduction to allow you to both hear and feel your music.

The product is funding now and has already hit its $10,000 goal. The creators propose that you’ll have an “eargasm” when you hear them, which might be just a touch effusive.

John Biggs

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