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There are any number of tools that you can carry with you on a daily basis, and a lot depends on what you’re doing in your day. For us desk warrior types, you’ll always have your phone. We here at KN would also say a watch is key (which is why we also write WWR). To that, I’d say a good pocket knife is handy as well. Whether it’s opening boxes, cutting your apple, or whatever else, they come in handy throughout the day. A compact option that hit just recently on KS is the Qvist Vanish.

Now, if you’ve been following Qvist Bladeworks, you know the Vanish was actually up for pre-order a few weeks back (and full disclosure, I did order mine that way). Basically, this Kickstarter is a way for those who may have missed the pre-order to also jump on in and pick one up.

The Qvist Vanish looks a good deal like the Qvist Variant PE (which we reviewed here), just shrunk down. The blade and handle are each about an 1″ shorter here, which should make for a much more compact carry. Aside from the sizing, the other big change here is the material. The blade now uses 20CV steel, the scales are made from titanium (rather than G10), and the hardware used to assemble stuff is also titanium. So, light, tough, and compact – what’s not to like?

Obviously, since I ordered my own Qvist Vanish, I like what the brand is making, and feel that this is going to be a great knife to carry, particularly in scenarios where a regularly-sized knife might raise some eyebrows. The campaign runs through December 2, 2022 (at noon Central), with delivery anticipated for March 2023. If you want to get one, you can pick up your own Qvist Vanish for $119 via Kickstarter /

Specs from Qvist

  • Blade Length: 2.125”
  • Handle Length: 3.0625”
  • Overall Length: 5.25”
  • Blade Material: 20CV
  • Blade Type: Wharncliffe
  • Handle Material: Titanium
  • Weight: 2.0 oz
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Lock: Slip Joint (non locking)
  • Blade thickness: 0.118 inches
  • Blade Coating: Stonewashed/Blackwashed
  • Washers: Bronze
  • Carry Type: Comes with a leather slip!

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