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While I do like all sorts of tech, I also find myself drawn to the simpler tools of the trade that are helpful in daily life for any variety of reasons. After a watch and a pocket knife, one of the most useful tools I’ll rely on is a lighter. Not that I’m a smoker, but still, there’s always something that needs to be lit (candles, say), or maybe an emergency fire. Whatever the reason, a lighter can be handy. If you want to get techy about it, then the Solis-X Solar Lighter is a project you’ll want to check out.

At it’s core, the Solis-X Solar Lighter is a plasma-arc lighter. I’ve had a few different ones of this style, and they do definitely get the job done, burning hot very quickly, helping you get stuff going. What makes the Solis-X Solar Lighter unique is that, while it can be charged via USB, it’s also able to be charged by the solar panel on its side.

This is built into a package that’s reminiscent of a cross between a Colibri and Zippo lighter, complete with a flip-top lid. This is great for keeping the electrodes clean, as well as protecting you from the heat that remains in them after a light.

The Solis-X Solar Lighter is being positioned as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters, and as such, it’s built for the longer haul. They estimate that the solar panel should last for 10 years, and expect the battery (which is replaceable, it seems) to last for at least 5 years. If those hold up, this is definitely a lighter that would go for the long haul.

The Solis-X Solar Lighter just launched today, with super early bird pricing start at just $26, which feels like quite a reasonable pricepoint for a solar-powered lighter. Or, more accurately, I’d view the solar as a way to be another way to top the lighter off when you’re off grid or the power goes out. Either way, this looks like a handy – and colorful – backup tool. Check it out at and the campaign page. With delivery anticipated for spring of 2023, you’ll be ready to light the fire at your campsite.

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