Now Funding: Microblade Pill Ti

Do you recall when we first brought you word of the Microblade Pill, back in 2019? If not, it’s right here. When I came across it, I thought it was a clever little gadget, handy for always having a box opener handy when you can’t (or don’t want to) carry a pocket knife. I liked it so much I backed the original, but now they’re back with a rather delicious upgrade.

That upgrade? Titanium. In this case, it’s just not the outer shell that they’re using the Grade 5 titanium on, but also the cutting bit on the inside. It’s a very clever solution, and I’m pleased that I got the one I did the first go-round.

This perhaps isn’t a “must have” upgrade for prior owners (unless you have to have titanium everything in your EDC), but for anyone who didn’t jump in, I think the earlybird pricing that starts at $26 for the Microblade Pill Ti is well worth what you’re getting. The campaign is already fully funded, and runs through March 4, 2021. campaign page

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