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Over the years, I’ve been known to consume some brown liquor (hello there, my peated friends), and I’ve also rolled more than my fair share of 20-sided dice (in fact, I’ve got some in arms reach as I write this). So, imagine my surprise when I found out that both of those could be combined in one, in the form of Ice Dice.

Now,Ice Dice are not shaped ice molds to chill your drink. These are instead what are known as whisky stones. Basically, those are chunks of obsidian (at least in this case, more commonly they’re made of non-porous soapstone). Whatever the material, you’ve got a stony mass that you toss in your freezer, let them get good and cold, and then you put them in your drink like any other ice cube.

The benefit here is that the stones don’t melt – they just chill your drink without watering it down at all. It’s a nice benefit, and I’ve got a handful in the freezer for whenever they might be needed. With the Ice Dice, you’re actually adding another bit of functionality. Carved into the classic D20 shape – with numerals engraved – you can roll these and use them as dice. Just, whatever you do, please wash them off before they get back into your drinks glass after rolling them.

The Ice Dice are available in two different styles. What you’ll need to decide is if the unique form factor is worth the price. Sure, the material and style here are different, but at about $52 for single die, they’re no inexpensive proposition (for comparison, here’s a set of 9 for $10…) They will be unlike any others you see, and perhaps if you view it as part of your dice budget? The campaign for these is running until February 19th, and has not yet hit it’s funding goal. campaign page /

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