Now Funding: LitiHolo 3D Hologram Printer

3D printers, that’s last year’s news, man. I mean, sure, they’re still pretty cool and folks are turning out all sorts of cool work with them, so there’s that. But what if you want a different sort of a 3D printer? That, my friend, is where the LitiHolo 3D Hologram Printer comes into play.

I don’t know about you, but I remember being totally enraptured when I discovered such a thing as holograms existed as a kid. Frankly, they still capture the imagination today, with things getting pretty grandiose with larger projected sorts of holograms. I’d say the LitiHolo 3D Hologram Printer hews a little more closely to my childlike wonder.

I say that because it’s producing smaller images (well, up to 4″ x 5″) that can be built from whatever you can imagine – a captured scan, something you create up in SketchFab, or any of a few other options. Capture those slices so the printer can figure out the layers it needs to laser print in the hologram film, and you’re ready to make yourself a 3D hologram.

I will say this – it’s super clever technology, and it endears me. But I can’t see going for the $999 earlybird level on the LitiHolo 3D Hologram Printer given that this is – at least for me – an impractical sort of device. Don’t let me stop you from getting one, though (and hey, can you print something for us?). If you just want to throw your support behind the project, they’ve also got a $29 t-shirt backer level as well. Then again, they’ve hit their funding goal already, with things closing out on April 2nd. campaign page /

Details from LitiHolo

  • 1x1mm hogel size
  • Hologram sizes up to 4″x5″
  • 45 degree field of view (lateral)
  • 23 viewzone images per hogel (perspective images)
  • Reflection holograms (white-light viewable)
  • Hologram can have several seconds of motion as viewer moves
  • Horizontal parallax only (full-parallax may be a stretch goal)
  • Uses LitiHolo self-developing hologram film plates
  • Footprint:  21.5″ x 20″ x 11″ (weight 29lbs.)
  • Class 1 Laser Product regulated under EN 60825-1:2007
  • Red laser – 600-650nm, 20mW (laser cutoff when hood open)

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