Now Funding: A Quest A Day

Well, that’s what I’m calling it, at least. The official name is the 2022 Quest Calendar, and it’s one of the more innovative ideas I’ve seen hit in projects that are TTRPG-related or -adjacent.

How does it work? Well, here’s a quick video walkthrough that explains things:

If you’re video adverse, the steps are simple (and the rules claim to be as well):

  1. Tear off yesterday’s quest to reveal your new quest
  2. Read up, and figure out what you need to do
  3. Roll some dice!
  4. Look at the back of the prior day, and use that to help resolve the results of your dice roll

And like that, you’re rolling along on and adventure. As the year progresses, your adventurer will pick up new gear, as well as advance in skills and capabilities, just like any RPG. Now, for the bad news – if you want in on this campaign, you have to move fast, as it closes out on March 31st. You can back it for as low as $22 which nets you the calendar, a set of exclusive dice, and a print-and-play version as well, and of course there are higher tiers that get you more goodies. Shame there’s no diceless option (to save a few bucks) for those of us with plenty of dice kicking around. Any which way, check out the details over at the campaign page.

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