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I think over the last year and a half, we’ve all become intensely aware of the lighting at our workstations. Or whatever you consider your work-from-home setup to be. Gone are the bright, always-on flourescent fixtures of the office. If you’re working in a darker room or a basement, now you need to worry about seeing your keyboard, and even having enough light to show up well on all the remote calls we have these days. That’s where something like the Elesense Computer Monitor Light Bar can help out.

Well, I should say – it will definitely help with your seeing your keyboard; as to how it helps with your lighting for video calls, that’s tougher to tell. This is a relatively thin LED lamp that mounts to the top of your monitor. It’s just under 18″ wide, which means it can disperse its light over a wide range. I rather like that they’ve designed the light so that it won’t glare on your screen (hence the asymmetrical design they’re calling out) and won’t blind you.

They’ve also designed the Elesense Computer Monitor Light Bar with 90 distinct LEDs, allowing you to adjust the hue (half of them are considered cool, and the other half warm), as well as the brightness of the lighting. This is another clever bit here, as they’ve got at small wireless puck that allows you to control the lighting. That puck also has an optical sensor built in, so it can adjust the amount of light being output to the other ambient light in the room you’re working in.

All in all, there are a lot of clever things built into this design. It’s a relatively unobtrusive light that doesn’t add any clutter to your desk, and it’s powered by USB so you should be able to run that cable to a port on your display, and away you go. You might see the cable just a bit given where it plugs in, but it’s otherwise a clean setup. Also worth noting – if you’ve got an external webcam on top of your monitor (rather than one built in) you might have some troubles, as the light would take the space your camera is in (unless you’ve got a really wide monitor). So, a few little things there that might give you pause, but there’s a lot here that looks interesting. Earlybird pricing comes in at $64. The campaign is fully funded as of right now, ends on August 21st, and is anticipated to deliver sometime in September. Check it all out over at the campaign page

Tech Specs from Elesense

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