Millennials rejoice: Neopets is 24 years old

Neopets is a nostalgic touchstone for millennials worldwide. This November, the iconic brand celebrates two significant milestones: its 24th year of existence and its first anniversary under new leadership. As the original virtual pet website, Neopets has inspired a plethora of games, merchandise, and a dedicated fanbase that has fostered global friendships and cultivated invaluable skills.

Neopets, launched in 1999, began as a humble side project but quickly morphed into a cultural sensation, boasting over 35 million monthly active users at its zenith in 2005.

The whimsical World of Neopia brand has since inspired an array of official merchandise, from an official Neopets cookbook and tarot cards to must-have apparel. A recent website overhaul, led by the brand’s new leadership team, aims to spark a Neopian renaissance and introduce innovative ways for players to engage with their fandom.

As the brand prepares for its monumental 25th anniversary next year, plans for expansion are already underway. This year’s exclusive Neopets Era Party, held at San Diego Comic-Con, marked the beginning of a renewed commitment to engaging with Neopets fans in the real world. With a diverse array of live events already under its belt, Neopets has a busy schedule lined up for the coming months.

The brand’s exciting updates will span both the physical and virtual realms. Neopets is developing a new NeoPass system to connect games like Faerie’s Hope and community-driven gaming projects to the mainline Neopets website. This system will debut alongside the long-awaited relaunch of Island Builders in Q1 of 2024. The virtual world will also continue to grow with new plot lines, propelling beloved Neopian characters and stories to new heights. The longevity of Neopets is a testament to its dedicated fanbase and the team leading the brand.

The brand’s renewed direction became apparent when CEO Dominic Law and his robust leadership team took the reins in July, sparking a significant increase in interest and activity from the brand. Since then, the brand has launched a Community Ambassador pilot program, granting notable community members the opportunity to advise The Neopets Team on the desires and needs of the wider Neopian community. With the help of Flash-emulator Ruffle, the brand team has resurrected over 100 mini games, allowing loyal players to enjoy nostalgic favorites.

These efforts have resulted in a 5-year peak in monthly active users, revenue, website ranking, and Google searches of “Neopets.” Dominic Law, CEO of Neopets, credits the community behind Neopia for keeping the magic of the website alive for over two decades. He acknowledges the platform’s influence in fostering lifelong relationships and teaching the basics of coding. With new life being breathed into the franchise ahead of its quarter-century birthday, the loyal and dedicated community that has kept Neopets active is expected to grow.

Fans can celebrate the 24th anniversary all year long with must-have Neopets products and game experiences, including a 2024 calendar, NeoHoods, upcoming plot for in 2024, 25th Anniversary Plushies, a limited edition Monopoly, a Battledome Trading Card Game with Upper Deck, and print-on-demand merch through the Neopets eShop.

Fans are invited to join the conversation and ask their burning Neopian questions. Annual premium subscribers will have early access to the 2024 Calendar and NeoHood premium set in early November, with a public pre-order of the premium set beginning on November 10th. Neopets is an immersive, online virtual pet game that allows players to adopt, customize, and interact with Neopets in the vast world of Neopia. Known for its multi-generational, passionate community, Neopets offers players a vast world of storytelling, collecting, pet care, and exciting social gaming experiences. Since its launch in 1999, Neopets has galvanized unique adventures, games, stories, and challenges for over 150 million players worldwide.

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