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Hey, so, do you remember that review we did a bit back on the Ekster wallet? One of the key things (aside from the push-button deployment of the cards) was their tracker device. Well, they’ve got that shrunk down into an organizer for your keys, in the form of the Ekster Key Holder.

Of course, key organizers are nothing new to the market, and at first glance, the Ekster Key Holder looks pretty familiar. That is, until I realized that it’s really only one-sided. Rather than sandwiching your keys between two laters, you’ve got the ubolt holding things together, with the single piece of plastic on the one side, with that piece containing the LED flashlight (to light the keyhole) as well as the tracking technology.

So, realistically, this could give you a much more compact carry of what looks to be 3-8 keys. Or, if not any more compact, it will at least be more organized, and definitely cut down on the jingling coming from your pockets. I think that the tracking capability (or being able to sound a ringer) could be beneficial for folks who tend to misplace their keys as well.

The Ekster Key Holder is currently up on Kickstarter, with the campaign wrapping up on May 23rd (delivery is anticipated for August 2020). If you just want the organization, you can back the Key Holder for just $29; if you want to add in the tracker capability, that will bump your price up to $52. You can check out all the details of the fully funded campaign right here: campaign page

Tech Specs from Ekster

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