Introducing: Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector

While many have probably got their home theater setup settled over the last year when we all consumed a lot more entertainment, that may have been more in the form of a fixed display. What if you want to setup a bigger screen projector, or perhaps head out the backyard for a summer evening movie? That’s where the just-announced Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector can come in handy.

First off, yes, this is an iteration from the V6 model that they’ve had. Here, we’re seeing a 25% increase in brightness (the V6 offered 8500L), as well as an improvement in the network connectivity. You’ve still got bluetooth, and can easily do screen mirroring and AirPlay from your phone. Here, on the Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector, the WiFi has been upgraded to dual-band 5GHz/2.4GHz so you should have a smoother streaming experience.

The Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector also has a new processing chip in it, called the BASIC Smart Engine, it should be auto-adjusting based on the source and the surroundings to get the picture adjusted properly. It’s also got automatic keystone adjustment built in, so if you’re moving it around from spot to spot, it should get you a nice, squared-off picture without an issue. The Yaber Pro V7 Advanced Projector is available now for $299.99, and we’re working on getting in a sample for a hands-on review.

Tech Specs from Yaber

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