Introducing: OneWorld 65

When we talk about charging, we tend to think about what we need at home, or perhaps to throw into our bag when we head out and about. But you know, world travel is starting to be a thing again, and one thing you encounter is all the different plugs. Sure, you could carry a generic adapter to put onto your favorite charger, or you could go with something like the OneWorld 65.

At first glance, the OneWorld 65 looks like one of those universal plug adapters, with different prongs that can come out, and then plugging your own stuff in at the front. But then you realize that there are two USB-A and three USB-C ports (one of which is a 65W PD port) and then there’s something more to it.

Basically, with the OneWorld 65, you don’t have to bring your charging bricks. If your laptop consumes 65W or less, you won’t even need your power brick. And if it uses more, well, you’ve got that universal plug. What we really like here are those USB ports. With those, and the right cables, you’ll be able to charge up your electronics wherever you are in the world (even at home, we won’t tell anyone).

If you want to add the OneWorld 65 to your travel bag, you can pick one up for $69. In the meantime, we’re working on getting one in for review, and will let you know what it’s like. Check them out directly at

Details from OneWorld

  • GaN (Gallium Nitride) Technology
  • 1 x 65W USB PD charging port with QC
  • 2 x USB C Smart charging port
  • 2 x USB A Smart charging port
  • 10A AC universal power outlet
  • Works in over 200+ countries
  • Charge up to 6 devices simultaneously

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