Introducing: CHERRY KC 200 MX Keyboard

If you’ve been around mechanical keyboards, you’re undoubtedly familiar with CHERRY. Their mechanical switches are found in quite a number of different keyboards out there, offering different sound levels, engagement point, and so on. What better way to showcase a brand new switch type (in this case, the Cherry M2A) than in their own keyboard? That’s what’s going on with the CHERRY KC 200 MX Keyboard.

What are the M2A switches?

Well, they’re an evolution of the original M2 switches; here’s how Cherry describes the changes:

Our new CHERRY MX2A mechanical switch that replaces the current MX full-size switch range. Every aspect of the switch has been refined with targeted improvements to provide an unsurpassed operating experience. Like its predecessor, the MX2A is manufactured exclusively in Germany. However, this new version features a premium, factory applied lubricant, redesigned springs and many other optimizations. The CHERRY MX2A promises smoother operation for a more responsive and satisfying typing experience, improved acoustics for a more pleasant sound and—depending on the selected switch variant—a guaranteed service life of more than 100 million keystrokes

For this new switch, there are two versions currently available:

CHERRY MX2A switchHow does it type?Switching characteristicsKey presses
MX2A BROWNTargeted and tangibleTactile (no click)> 100 million
MX2A SILENT REDSmooth and quietLinear (no click + quiet)> 50 million

Where would I use this keyboard?

As you can see from those switch types, these are focused on being quieter keyboards – which means they’re initially intended for the office. Which isn’t to say that these couldn’t be used at home, or even as part of your gaming setup if you wanted to. With the CHERRY KC 200 MX Keyboard, you’ll see that it’s definitely dressed in business attire. There’s no RGB lighting up the keys (you just have some white LEDs to indicate things), and you’ve got the 10-key over on the right-hand side, perfect for navigating those spreadsheets.

From a practical perspective, the CHERRY KC 200 MX Keyboard presents a clean look, and even with the 10-key, it’s going to be a narrower look on the desk with the minimal amount that aluminum frame juts out, which gives things that visual compactness. Pair that with the wired USB-A connection, and two colorways, this is a keyboard that will fit into a number of desktop scenarios. And that’s not including the four programmable keys above the numpad, allowing you to get this board setup just how you want it.

How can I get one?

Well, that’s easy – while you can get all of the details directly from Cherry, you’ll want to head on over to Amazon to pick up your own for $89.99 and start working in that office with a pleasurable typing experience that won’t annoy everyone else in the area.

Tech Specs from Cherry

Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Width of product without packaging (mm)4,76 in
Warranty2 years warranty
Weight main product29 oz
Height of product without packaging (mm)1,54 in
Cable length5.25 ft
Max. storage temperature149 °F
Min. storage temperature-13 °F
Length of product without packaging16,93 in
Scope of deliveryManual, Keyboard
Software supportCHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-HardwareUSB-A
Response Time1 ms
Adjustable feetintegrated
Integrated metal plateyes
Palm restPalm rest not available
Internal memory256 kBit
Service life per key (in million strokes)100 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard100 mA
N-key rolloverFull-Key-Rollover
Special key functionsFN, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDsin keys
Keyboard formatFull-size (100%)
Key technologymechanical
Key encryptionno
USB hubno

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