Now Funding: The Glove80 ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are odd. You never know you need one until you’re in absolutely carpal tunnel pain and, by then, it’s often too late. That’s why the Glove80 is so compelling.

Created by MoErgo in New Zealand, the product consists of two keyboards that can be placed on your desk or even on the arms of a chair. The keys are carefully arrayed for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

From the product page:

Glove80 is not your run-of-the-mill ergonomic keyboard. Glove80 is a keyboard that has been refined over 6 years and the result of 500+ ergonomics A/B testing experiments. It is incredibly comfortable, wireless (but optionally wired), highly programmable and reconfigurable to adapt to your needs.

The keyboard costs $311 and plans to ship in September 2022.

Basically the keyboards look like gloves. You place your hand over the contoured key well and your thumb has access to a number of extra buttons for macros and functions. You can mount them nearly anywhere and the whole system is easily updated and modified thanks to the programmable firmware and included pinouts.

The system is wired or wireless and uses Kailh Choc v1 key switches for each key. The whole setup looks wonky but potentially super comfy and, if you’ve ever felt the pain of a sore hand after typing too much, they might be just the trick to stave off repetitive stress disorder.

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