Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight

I was, in all honestly, not expecting this Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight to be very good. Priced at $89 and rated to 5000 lumens, the Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight is a large, police-style flashlight with a few tricks up its sleeve. The most important trick? It turns night into day.

There isn’t much to say about a flashlight. It’s rugged, 12 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter. It has a unique charging system that either takes 9 AA batteries or a USB-charged battery pack that doubles as an emergency phone charger. This is a great feature and one that makes the flashlight interesting even without its ridiculously bright bulb.

The Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight has four settings – high noon and three more. If you’ve ever ended up in a dark campground trying to set up a tent, this 5000 lumens beast will bring everything into lovely view. I could imagine using this in a construction environment as well, shining light into places that have been unlit for decades. Further, the sheer power this thing emits makes it almost hilarious. Need a light light? How about the light of a nuclear blast?

The flashlight runs at full brightness for 2 hours on a one charge. It can run for up to five hours on lower settings.

Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight

As for the ruggedness of this particular flashlight, I’m torn. The whole thing is nicely designed out of PVD-coated aluminum. It features a rotating focus ring, non removable, and a rear cap that protects the battery. I wasn’t about to see any gaskets on these parts, which doesn’t bode well for water-fastness, but as long as you don’t drop this in the pond I think you’ll be fine. Infinity X1 itself makes little mention of water-fastness but they do claim IPX4 resistance which means it is “resistant to water splashes from any direction.” The IPX ratings go up to 8 (“Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter. The exact depth is specified by the manufacturer”), so this is pretty far from Jaques Cousteau territory.

The company makes a lot of outdoor gear, including auto shop trouble lights and head lamps. They did a very good job with this flashlight and it’s very useful/fun. While we wouldn’t recommend playing flashlight war with it – the beam is that bright – it’s a great tool for campers and other fans of the outdoors and definitely sheds light on dark corners of your home, garden, or shop.

In the high-powered flashlight world, the X1 is priced right in the $150-$50 sweet spot. You can get a different – not necessary better – model for $50 or $150 but many have the immensely useful USB charging feature. At $89, however, this might be just the right light for the money. It’s usable, it’s rugged, and it’s very nicely designed.

You can check out the Infinity X1 5000 lumens here. Maybe it’s just the thing for picking Santa out of the light sky.

Infinity X1 5000 lumens flashlight

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