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We here at KN are all about headphones. Whether you’re listening to high-end audio, jumping on a Zoom call, or just relaxing with some podcasts, headphones are where it’s at. If you’re a gamer – PC or console – then headphones are definitely a key component of your gear if you’re playing online co-op games. One of the latest to look for a spot on your noggin is the Audeze Maxwell.

Now, you might remember Audeze, as we’ve written about their gear and reviewed their headphones. With the Audeze Maxwell, they’re stepping up their game. For one, they took the noise-cancelling tech from their Filter speakerphone and built that into the headset. Basically, at a push of a button, you can eliminate all background noise from bleeding through the mic. Oh, and that mic? You can either plug in a boom mic (designed by Shure), or just rely on the built-in 5-mic array on headset.

In terms of the sound, the Audeze Maxwell of course relies on a planar magnetic setup (you can read more about that here and see why it’s a cool setup), getting you the sort of sound that you want to have from your headphones. Comfort is going to be key as well, with a suspension band resting on your head, keeping the steel headband raised up. In my experience, these sorts of suspension bands are super comfortable, and make wearing them for long stretches a treat.

The earcups of the Audeze Maxwell also are going to help with that comfort. They’re over-ear, which gives you a passive noise reduction, and helping ensure that the sound the drivers produce land in your ears and not in the environment around you. To connect to your console, phone, tablet, or computer, you’ve got choices. Of course you’ve got Bluetooth, and you’ve also got a USB-C dongle that gives you a low latency connection (and our guess is increased range as well).

Depending on the version you choose, the Audeze Maxwell will be $299 (PS) or $349 (XBox). We’re also working on getting a headset in for a hands-on review, so keep a lookout for that. In the meantime, you can check it out over on

Tech Specs from Audeze

  • Physical
    • Style: Over-ear (circumaural), closed-back
    • Transducer Type: Planar Magnetic
    • Transducer Size: 90 mm
    • Diaphragm Type: Ultra-Thin UniforceTM
    • Magnetic Structure: FluxorTM Magnet Array
    • Magnet Type: Neodymium N50
    • Phase Management: FazorTM
    • Earpads: Synthetic Leather / memory foam
    • Weight: 490g
  • Microphone
    • Boom Microphone: Detachable Hypercardioid, Designed by Shure
    • Beamforming: 5x on-board mic array for enhanced noise reduction
    • Noise Filter: A.I.-Powered Hardware Noise Filter removes unwanted noise
  • Audio
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz-50kHz
    • THD: <0.1% (@ 1 kHz, 1mW)
  • Power
    • Battery: Lithium-polymer, 1800mAh
    • Battery Life: 80+ hour wireless playback @ 80dBA
    • Charging: USB-C, 5v 1.8A max
    • Charge Time: 0-100% in 2.5hr, 0-25% in 20min (with 1.8A charger)
  • Connectivity
    • Ultra Low Latency Wireless: When used with included USB-C dongle
    • Bluetooth: 5.3, supports multipoint, LE Audio, LC3, LC3plus, LDAC, AAC, SBC Wired Digital: USB-C, supports dual USB audio endpoints with built-in game-chat mix Wired Analog: 3.5mm TRRS active analog
  • Xbox Edition Compatibility: XBox Series X, XBox Series S, Xbox One/S, Xbox One X, Windows 10/11, macOS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch
  • Playstation Edition Compatibility: Playstation 5, Playstation 4/Pro, Windows 10/11, macOS, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch

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