NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars – Taking A Look

A few years ago, we went hands on with a very compact pair of binoculars from NOCS (you can see that here). Then, earlier this year we told you about the slightly larger Field Issue release (seen here). Do some simple math between those two articles, and you can figure out that we’ve been spending time with the NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars, even taking them to the same campground and hikes I went on a few summers ago for the other review.

Field (L) vs Standard (R)

What are they?

Simply put, the NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars are a compact pair of binoculars that are ruggedized and are water- and fog-proof, meaning that they’re ready to head to the outdoors with you. If you’re familiar with the Standard issue from NOCS, you can think of the Field Issue as a slightly larger version as well (you can see the two side-by-side up above).

The Field Issue that we reviewed came in 8×32, while the Standard Issue was 8×25. So, we’ve got the same 8x magnification here, but we’ve got larger lenses at the end of the binoculars, allowing more light to be gathered in.

NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars: How do they perform?

As I mentioned at the start of this review, I took the NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars out on a camping trip that we did up in Wisconsin, taking them onto some of our favorite hikes. Right out of the gate, I appreciated the new lens covers on both ends, as I was able to have the binoculars hanging around my neck and still keep the glass protected.

Once it was time to check something out, the rubber covers slipped off quickly, and I was able to focus in on what I was looking at.

The larger focus knob also helped there as well, as it was much simpler to find and then adjust. In terms of what I was seeing – in terms of the detail – the Field issue gave much the same image as the Standard, given the identical magnification that they offer.

Where the difference comes in, again, is the amount of light the larger lenses capture. In daytime, you’ll get a brighter image, of course, and then in the evening you’re going to be able to use these slightly later into sunset to try and see what that bird is up in the tree.

NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars: Recommended?

In my time with the glasses from NOCS over the last few summers, I would definitely recommend them. They don’t feel like you have to necessarily be as gentle and delicate with them as with most binoculars, given the rugged casing they have (which also helps with gripping and holding them).

Now, you do need to consider who is going to be using the NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars. With a price tag of $175, these probably aren’t going to be ones that you hand to the kids. For someone a bit older, though, these are a great step up in optics, and should be robust binoculars that last for years, given all the protection built in (and the covers you can put on).

Perhaps these are a touch larger (or you want greater magnification) than you’re thinking you want or need, and that’s fine. Nocs has a full range here, including a 42mm pair and a monocular tube, so they’ll have something to cover your needs, and undoubtedly in a color that grabs your eye. For those, and of course the NOCS Provisions Field Issue Binoculars, just head on over to

Details from NOCS Provisions

  • Oversized Focus Wheel:
    • Designed from the ground up for ultra smooth, ultra precise focusing. By fine tuning the wheel resistance and leverage ratio of the central focusing mechanism, the Field Issue allows for exacting visual adjustments from 9.3ft to infinity.
  • HiFi Fully Multi Coated Lens Array: Rich Color Representation
    • With a unique lens coating formula designed for an exceptional light transmittance rate for its compact size, the Field Issue provides a rich color reproduction for bright, sharp views from edge to edge of the wide field of view.
  • Lightweight Frame: Goes The Distance
    • Weighing in at only 11.8oz or 334 grams, the Field Issue uses a medical grade, ultra rugged thermoplastic frame to house the optical system. We designed this for all-day glassing missions and foot powered travel to remote locations, where every ounce makes a difference.
  • Waterproof + Fogproof: Lab Tested and Rated
    • Like the rest of our binocular line, the Field Issue is lab rated IPX7, meaning it can take a smattering of dust, water, and humidity and continue to perform. Submersible in up to three feet of water and nitrogen sealed to prevent internal condensation, these can be brought along for any adventure.
  • Rugged Wave Grip: Refined Feel and Drop Tested
    • No slip in the palm, engineered to protect the optics, this evolved design provides a comfortable feel in hand and a build that dissipates impact forces on the optical system.
  • Multi Stop Twist Up Eyecups: See It All
    • The eyecup assembly of the Field Issue allows for a perfect fit on every face. With or without glasses, the multi stop twist up eyecup mechanism provides three distinct positions to optimize viewing for all.
  • Snap a Photo: Shot on Nocs
    • The Field Issue was designed to accommodate smartphone photography and videography. Just line up your smartphone to capture the moment and share.

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