In Review: Geomag Supercolor Panels 78

If you recall, a little bit ago, we brought you a roundup of some Geomag kits (seen here). Those kits fell primarily to my older kids to test out, as they were a bit more technical. This time around, it’s my youngest who got to spend the time with Geomag Supercolor Panels 78.

To be fair, we did have a smaller version of this in the prior round up, but as they say, more is more. In this case, we’ve got 78 pieces vs the 35 we first played with. How did I know my youngest liked this kit? Once I got it opened up, it disappeared up into her room immediately, and only got brought out of hiding once I asked after it to get some photos done.

While we make tend to like Lego for the more permanent sort of structures that can be built, magnetic toys like Magna-Tile and Geomag hold a lot of interest for kids, especially younger ones. You can build things very quickly and easily, and if it falls down, it’s built back up just as quick. It also works for quickly changing interests, as they come apart quickly to build into something else.

Here, of course, it’s not just the rods (which have the magnets) and the steel balls that you’re getting more of. The Geomag Supercolor Panels 78 also has a fair number of recycled plastic panels that you can inset into what you’re building, turning it from a wireframe look to something a bit more, well, solid.

And speaking of those magnetic rods and the steel bearings – those are probably the more “dangerous” bits of the kit, as you don’t want anyone swallowing those. Fortunately, you’ve got hard plastic cases that hold these. Not only does it organize things, it gives you a quick check to ensure nothing is missing. For the plastic panels, no such storage, just a zip-top bag. It works, but not as neat and clean to organize; hopefully this is something Geomag will come up with a solution for, particularly if a family is going to have multiple kits banging around.

While it was my younger kids who really were drawn to the Geomag Supercolor Panels 78, these could easily work as a sort of fidget/kinetic toy on your desktop if you were so inclined. It seems most stores are carrying this 78-piece kit for $39.99, including Amazon. To check all of the various options out, head over to


  • MAGNETIC DISCOVERY: The Supercolor Panels 100% Recycled magnetic kids building line is for kids to discover building with colors! Each colorful magnetic building set includes magnetic sticks/rods, non-magnetic balls, triangles, squares and pentagons.
  • MAGNETIC CREATIVITY: Geomag magnetic toys use 100% recycled plastics for the sticks/rods, panels & bases. These colorful panel pieces offer DIY building fun for ages 5-99! Magical magnets for kids and adults to explore their creative building skills.
  • MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION: These STEM-endorsed eco-friendly colorful magnets allow kids to learn the core concepts of magnetism, geometry, gravity, and engineering. Geomag Supercolor magnetic building sets make great educational gifts for boys or girls.
  • MAGNETIC COMBINATIONS: GEOMAG magnetic discovery toys give endless combinations of magnetic building play for kids. The easy interlocking magnetic building toys ensure years of educational building fun. Super strong magnets in each magnetic rod core.
  • MAGNETIC SUSTAINABILITY: This 100% recycled plastic Supercolor Panels STEM magnetic stick toy set has 78 pieces, and includes 2 portable storage boxes. Not suitable for kids under the age of 5. Geomag and kids – playing together for a healthier planet.

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