In Review: Coral UV 2

As I mentioned in our prior writeup on the Coral UV 2, we had gotten a sample in of this bread machine-sized UV sanitizer. Well, there’s just about a week left in it’s campaign, and we’re here with a hands-on take of the device.

So, how is it to use the Coral UV 2? In a word, simple. Once it’s plugged in, it’s rather a cinch to operate. Press the big button in the front, and up pops the lid, giving you full access to the internals. In there, you’ve got a highly-polished surface (the better to bounce the UV rays, one presumes), and plenty of space to fit whatever it is you want to sanitize. A couple phones – and their cases? No problem! An 11″ tablet? Piece of cake, it lays flat. You could also put toothbrushes, kids soft toys, whatever you want in there.

In the time we had with the Coral UV 2, I just used the main compartment. It is worth noting that there’s also a small basket, that allows you to corral some of your smaller items, or even have a second layer inside when you kick it on. You’ve got a variety of settings you can control – if you want just the UV, or if you want a heated drying cycle, as well as how long you want things to run for. When UV is running, the window on top is green, and when it’s drying, then it’s a reddish color. There is a fan that cycles here as well, moving air through the replaceable filter on the back of the device, that assists in the drying.

Now, it’s not like I had bacteria test strips that I could check how “clean” my phone was when I took it out. But the concept of using UV to kill of the nasties is tried and true – just ask anyone who’s left a bit of malodorous kit out in the direct sunlight. So, I’ll take Coral’s word here that the product is doing as it’s intended. In today’s world, being able to sanitize things (say, your multi-layer cotton mask) is appreciated. But as I thought before, where something like the Coral UV 2 is going to be really useful is for folks with small babies. Being able to easily sanitize and dry their bottles, toys, and other gear just gives you so much peace of mind.

The Kickstarter for the Coral UV 2 is still going, and closes out on May 12th. It is fully funded as of this writing, and you can snap up your own via earlybird pricing of $119 (vs the MSRP of $169). Make sure you plan for the space that the Coral UV 2 will take up on a shelf or counter, and then just zap the bugs away. campaign page

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