In Review: Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover

Colder weather is definitely on the way, which means it’s time to get those warmer layers out of the closet, or maybe even look to see if it’s time to replace something. I’ve long been a fan of quarter-zip style, especially for around the house. Those work with a wider variety of shirts under them, and also allow for some temperature regulation. One I’ve been wearing a lot as of late is the Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover.

What is it?

If you’ve seen a fleece pullover, well, you’re pretty familiar with with the Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover has on tap. At least, at a very high level. When we get into the details, though, it sets itself a part. First off, let’s talk about the “Bio” in the name. What this is indicating is that the material is biodegradable if it ends up in the ground or the ocean. Unlike many other fleeces – which are petroleum-derived – it’s made from recycled PrimaLoft® Bio™, so you don’t have to feel guilty when its time to retire this from the closet.

Secondly, this is absolutely THE softest fleece that I’ve handled, which makes it a treat to wear. Nothing wrong with being comfy and cozy, we say. Third, we need to talk about the pockets. You’ve got a chest pocket, which is handy for stashing your phone or a notebook. You’ve also got to zipped pockets at the sides up on the front. Rather than being individual pockets, you’ve got a two-zip entrance into a kangaroo pocket up in the front, giving you space to haul what you need (even oversized gloves).

Finally, with the zippers – that quarter zip. As I’ve said, I like a quarter zip, and this one has the deepest zip I’ve ever seen. As you can see, it goes about halfway down the torso, and this is great. Easier to put on, and easier to drop the zipper when you need to let some warmth out. And if you’ve got it up at “regular” quarter zip positioning, it still looks good.

How warm is it?

A valid question, given that’s why you’d consider something like the Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover. While it’s labeled as their A/SYS-2 layer, it’s actually a touch thinner than an Artilect Hoodie we reviewed last year. The Supermoon comes in at 260gsm, whereas the Half Moon is “just” 160gsm. So, definitely a thinner layer, but that also means it’s really great for casual layering, without getting overheated. You’re not going to wear it as your only layer if it’s freezing outside, but it’ll be more than happy to help out your winter coat at keeping you warm.

How to get yours

That’s as easy as can be – you can get the Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover for $150 in three different colors, and six sizes (for the women’s version, there are different colors and one less size selection). As with other Artilect items we’ve reviewed, the Artilect Half Moon Bio Pullover looks and feels well-constructed, and will be just as happy out on the trail as it will on the couch.


  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Fabric is biodegradeable in landfill and ocean environments
  • 2 zippered hand pockets & 1 zippered chest pocket
  • Lycra cuffs
  • Woven label & embroided logo
  • Primaloft BIO Fleece is bluesign approved

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