Have you updated your Polar Vantage?

I?m a little late to the game here on this news release, due to it coming in while I was off on vacation. Doesn?t make it any less useful, though, so let?s have a talk through what this new firmware update means for the Polar Vantage lineup.

Interestingly, what we?re seeing released for the Polar Vantage V and M watches (the Vantage M is my current workout pal) are some features that we saw released when the Polar Ignite (which we reviewed here) was introduced. Here?s a quick overview of what the firmware update will net you:

  • Automatic sleep tracking – this is via their ?Sleep Plus Stages? functionality, which automatically tracks when you went to sleep, and how long you spent in various stages
  • Recovery Insights – when you work out, your body needs time to repair and recharge itself. This function is Polar?s way of giving you a window into understanding whether or not you can (or should) be pushing yourself in your next workout.
  • Serene – these are guided breathing exercises, which is a quick way to sort of monitor yourself and calm down

But wait, there?s more! From the brand:

In addition to new feature additions, Polar has also added Galileo and QZSS satellite system support, manual stride sensor calibration as well as Zone Lock, which supports heart rate, pace, and running and cycling power. Since the products? initial release, Polar has continued to make GPS enhancements that improve performance and data accuracy. For added convenience, the Vantage watches also offer inactivity alerts, a constant backlight for easy viewing during training, and a fitness test that can now be performed via the watch?s wrist-based heart rate monitor.

And, if that weren?t enough, there?s a new blue strap option out there (which you can select when you buy the watch new, or pick up directly for you existing watch), and a 5.0 update planned for the end of this year that brings Strava and FitSpark functionality to the mix.

Along with getting back into my gym routine after the vacation, looks like I need to get the firmware updated on my Vantage M (easy enough to do via the app on my phone), and check out that new blue strap. The stock white one is nice, but mixing in blue, now that would be sharp. polar.com

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