Google and ADT – get ready for Google to become a home security company

Google has a history of partnering with companies and then swallowing them whole. Google has a strong partnership with ADT home security to install Google Assistant and Nest products.

No one really thinks security systems are very smart. Panels are annoying, products are annoying, and generally if you need to update something, you end up replacing large parts of the system.

That’s what SimpliSafe was founded on fixing. What if every accessory was wireless so you didn’t have to have installers running wires everywhere, and could make it easy enough to self-install?

ADT wants in on that. Partnering with Google and Google’s Nest (remember when Nest was its own company?), ADT will install Nest cameras, Google Assistant devices, and be the exclusive partner for installing Google’s products in a security system setting. Google likes that.

Google isn’t getting that for free – they’re going to pay $450M for the pleasure. What they get out of it is another customer channel, one that will want to install compatible Google products, and home security expertise they don’t have. They will also develop products in conjunction with ADT just for this space.

ADT currently has a partnership with Amazon, called Amazon Guard, which uses the smart speaker to listen for the sound of breaking glass.

It’s complete speculation, but with Google now having a 6.6% stake in ADT, this could be the leading edge that has Google buy up ADT entirely.

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