Funding Now: Yooatom Origin 800

There are a lot of large battery backup options out there now. Think of them like a supersized version of what you carry to charge your phone on the go, except at the scale of, say, a small gas-powered generator. We recently reviewed one that’s super modular and worked great indoors and out, and now we’ve come across another that takes things in a much different form factor. Meet the Yooatom Origin 800.

What is it?

The core of the Yooatom Origin 800 are those puck-shaped battery packs, which can do some charging on their own, or they can be stacked on top of the control module to create a greater output (up to 800W). While their video (below) shows it in an outdoors usage, this one looks and feels more like an “at home” sort of scenario. Especially with their positioning of it as a 15ms UPS solution as well. While you can put a lantern module on top of it, it still feels like a home / emergency use sort of a setup.

How can I get one?

The Yooatom Origin 800 is funding over on Indiegogo right now, with pricing starting at $249, and ranging up to $699 for a bunch more battery pucks and all the accesories. You can check out the whole campaign – which closes in a month – right over at

Tech Specs

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