In Review: California Cowboy PCH Hoodie

So, remember when we told you about the California Cowboy PCH Hoodie not that long ago? If you don’t, here’s a quick reminder. We recently got one in, and have been getting it ready (read: broken in and learning where all the pockets are) for camping season.

First things first – the California Cowboy PCH Hoodie is one of the heaviest hoodies I’ve worn in a long time. This is in stark contrast to all of those hoodies you’ll find at your local store for like $10-15 that feel like they were made out of t-shirt material. Here, it’s still cotton, but it’s a 465 gram French Terry. Now, about that 465 gram measurement – that’s a measure of it’s weight per yard (if you read this article, 465 grams translates into 16.4 ounces). If you don’t care about all of that, there are two things to take away. This is a hoodie that will keep you warm when the temperatures dip, and it’s also going to be pretty sturdy for banging around outside.

Both of those are critical, but I really like the heavier fabric as that tends to translate to a much more durable article of clothing. When you’re looking for a layer to be active outside in (or even just sitting next to a fire pit), durability means longevity, and something you’re not going to have to replace every year or two. The other key to that will be the construction and stitching, which to my admittedly untrained eye looks to be done quite well; additional use and abuse over the camping months will certainly tell the tale there.

In terms of fit and comfort, the California Cowboy PCH Hoodie is spot-on. I’m 6’3″, and the Large fit my torso perfectly, falling right at the waist. It is a slimmer fit, so it’s no overly baggy, and the sleeves hit right at the wrist. Sure, that means if I reach for something, the cuff rides up, but put your arm down, it drops back down. What I’m really impressed with is the hood. Even on my ginormous noggin, it completely covers which is great if you just need to sink into it for warmth. As another side test, I pulled the hood up over my over-ear headphones, and I was still able to pull the front of the hood to my eyebrows. So, yeah, it’s pretty spacious.

The California Cowboy PCH Hoodie isn’t just about covering you, though – it’s also about being able to carry stuff. You’ve got the standard kangaroo-style pockets in the front, with the left side one having an additional pocket that tidily fits the included bottle opener. Along the zipper, you’ve got a small pocket for a pen to live, and then around back you get some bonus pockets as well. The attention-getting one is the bottle pocket, which is just the right size to hold a can or bottle of your favorite beverage – or even a water bottle as I’ve shown in the photos. Conceivably, you could also easily pop a trail map or even some granola bars in there if you’re going for a hike.

The other pocket on the back of the California Cowboy PCH Hoodie is really the key one making this hoodie outdoors-capable. This hides under a zipper which is at the side seam, and has an additional lining in it that makes it water resistant. In other words, it’s the perfect spot to stash your phone or stuff like matches and tinder that you want to keep dry. Or just about anything that you’re worried about losing and would prefer to have behind a zipper. Just bear in mind that it’s sized for a phone, and not a whole lot else, so you’re not cramming a whole backpack in there.

That’s not to overlook the loop on the right side of the chest, either. Ostensibly it’s for hooking your sunglasses on, but you could easily hang a flashlight, pocket knife, or anything with a small carabiner there if you needed to. In other words, the California Cowboy PCH Hoodie has a lot going for it. Along with the versatility, the heavier material used in its construction should hold up to outdoor activities, while also offering you some warmth when the temps dip in the evening. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a good camping companion in our book. You can get it in navy (as we reviewed) or white for $148 directly from

Features from California Cowboy

  • Double needle stitched bottle pocket with nylon lining is proudly over-engineered to safely hold….your beer
  • Rugged 465 gram French Terry
  • Zip Dry Pocket, keeps your tinder, matches, and tech safe
  • Bottle Opener Pocket contains credit card sized alloy bottle opener
  • Sunglass secure loop facilitates ability to throw shade
  • Secret Pen Pocket
  • Locker Loop hangs tough
  • Double-Layered Hood readies you for triple entendres
  • This Specimen includes a Bottle Opener, Koozie and Conversation Cards

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