Fedora Linux is coming to Lenovo laptops

In an interesting move Lenovo is adding Fedora as an operating option for some of its laptops. This means you’ll get an out-of-the-box Linux experience on a laptop that is compatible with the OS.

From FedoraMag.com:

The Lenovo team has been working with folks at Red Hat who work on Fedora desktop technologies to make sure that the upcoming Fedora 32 Workstation is ready to go on their laptops. The best part about this is that we?re not bending our rules for them. Lenovo is following our existing trademark guidelines and respects our open source principles. That?s right?these laptops ship with software exclusively from the official Fedora repos! When they ship, you?ll see Fedora 32 Workstation. (Models which can benefit from the NVIDIA binary driver can install it in the normal way after the fact, by opting in to proprietary software sources.)?

We’re not sure when these Linux-ready laptops will ship but it’s a nice way to get access to a working Linux device without driving yourself crazy installing images or booting from USB drives.

John Biggs

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