Dreo MC710S: move some purified air

We here at Knapsack like what Dreo has been creating. We’ve reviewed a number of their fans (both tower and pedestal), and even a space heater. While we’ve got a new review underway, they’ve gone and created a new product that we weren’t aware was coming down the pike. The Dreo MC710S offers up a combo that just seems smart.

Dreo MC710S

The combination

Tower fans can be a great way to move a lot of air without a lot of noise. These are most commonly rooms where people are sleeping, or hang out in a lot. Those are the same types of spaces that you might have an air purifier. Yes, your furnace filter can trap a lot of particles, but why not help it? With a stand-alone purifier, you’re taking up additional floor space, as well as another outlet.

With the Dreo MC710S, though, you combine both of those things. I didn’t know this was a possiblity, and now that I’ve seen it, I don’t know why you’d buy a pedestal fan that couldn’t also scrub the air. This particular unit also brings a dual-motor construction, which should help it hit the high volume – and distance that the breeze can be felt.

Dreo MC710S

The app

As we’ve seen in other recent Dreo fans, the Dreo MC710S will be able to communicate with their app on your smartphone. Through it, you’re able to control the fan (speeds, on/off, and so on). Pretty basic stuff for a smart fan, right? Well, with the purifier in the mix, you get additional information. You’ll be able to monitor air quality (helpful for when those wild fires start back up), as well as the temperature in the room.

Pre-ordering the Dreo MC710S

The Dreo MC710S is not available just yet – it will be released on April 9, 2024. In advance of that, you’re able to register your interest, which can net you some discounts. If you put $1 down (via their site), you’ll end up getting a $30-off coupon. Additionally, if you’re part of their Facebook group, you can score another $10 coupon, stacking then for a total of $40 off. This will drop the list price of $299.99 a bit, making it even more of a deal when compared with the competition. dreo.com

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