805 Beer x ATWYLD: a cool collab drops

805 Beer is not just about that great combination of barley, malt, hops, and water. They’re also partnering up with people who are making things great in other areas. We’ve talked about that before, and they’re continuing their focus on women and motorcycles. Just recently, they announced a new collaboration with ATWYLD.


Who is ATWLYD?

That’s a fair question. ATWYLD is a female-centric motorcycle brand, led by Anya Violet. She founded Babes Ride Out, as well as started up a women-only motorcycle campout. And, as you can see from that link, she’s not just jumping on a trend. She rides, and her enthusiasm for two wheels inspires what she creates.


The capsule collection

For this collaboration, there are a range of options. There are graphic tees – both long- and short-sleeve, and even a garage jacket. Some of the shirts have been discounted (prices dropping to $24), of note. They also have their top-end item there, the ‘Brew Crew Jumper’. This ATWLYD design looks like your classic garage overalls, tailored a bit more for women. That comes in at $148. You can check out the full range at firestonewalker.com


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