Download the new Office app immediately

If you use Microsoft Office on a computer or phone, download the new Office app to your phone immediately. This is not a drill, this is cool. Let me explain.

I know, I just lost all credibility by saying something from Microsoft was cool, and damaged any chances of ever getting cred again by saying Office was cool. Hear me out.

The new Office app for iOS and Android changes things. In the past, you had to have a separate application for every core office app – Word, Excel, PowerPoint. They were useful for viewing docs, but making edits on a small screen wasn’t easy was less enjoyable than a root canal.

What’s new?

You no longer need to have all three apps installed. You access them from the one Office app, which shows your recent or pinned documents. This is very much like the web app.

And that would have been enough, but Microsoft isn’t stopping there. What if you were able to edit Excel sheets with nice, large, mobile-appropriate cards, instead of trying to tap into tiny cells and then into the formula/cell entry bar at the top of the sheet?

What if you just dictated into your Word document instead of having to type with thumbs clawing at the touchscreen?

What if you could start your PowerPoint deck by just typing the slide title and a couple of bullets per slide, instead of trying to tap and arrange them all on a tiny representation of the desktop app? The point is, you will. And PowerPoint’s Designer will arrange and format the slide for you.

These features aren’t in the app at this time, although it sure looks as though they will be. Microsoft is no stranger to trying to make the phone more useful for Office docs. It wasn’t that long ago that they added using a phone’s camera to convert tables on paper into tables in Excel.

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