8000Kicks Weedo: Introducing

Well, it’s April 20th, which means you’re going to see all manner of weed-related jokes and marketing going on. One brand that’s been working with hemp for awhile now is 8000Kicks, and they’re about to be producing a very limited-edition pair of sneakers known as the 8000Kicks Weedo.

8000Kicks Weedo

Being as they’ve been producing shoes and insoles with hemp fibers for a bit now, they’re used to the jokes of “well, can I smoke the shoe?” and decided to lean into it. Still made of hemp (so no psychoactive stuff here), the 8000Kicks Weedo look like you’ve got a fresh grind all over your shoes. For this edition, they partnered with Royal Queen Seeds (for what they’re actually using to make the shoes) and Nisiseltor Studio – so definitely a team effort here.

8000Kicks Weedo

While their prior shoe offerings have been more affordable, the 8000Kicks Weedo are definitely into luxury territory. Only 100 pairs of these very labor-intensive shoes will be made, with pricing ranging from 1000€ to 1500€. If that sounds like your style, you can sign up to be notified when they’re available directly at 8000kicks.com

8000Kicks Weedo

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