Customized, personalized medicine is a reality

There are 6 billion characters in human DNA. Everyone has some typos in theirs, little mutations. Sometimes they’re harmless, and sometimes they cause debilitating conditions. (They have yet to produce a Storm, Wolverine, or Jean Grey to my knowledge.) Usually, these conditions aren’t treated effectively because they require medicine to be made specially for the patient. Most pharmaceutical companies won’t do this because they aren’t set up to make individualized medicine.

These conditions aren’t rare. They’re common. And according to Rohan Seth’s twitter, the appropriate treatment can be created in just a few months. Rohan is starting up Lydian Accelerator to develop individualized medicine to silence mutations.

Lydian Accelerator is set up in such a way to open source the treatments, and with every treatment, they learn more about reducing time and cost.

Seth posted about Lydian Accelerator on both twitter:

and on Medium. Consider donating to to both help Seth’s daughter, and others who need the work of Lydian Accelerator.

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