Cobra 75 All Road Wireless CB: Recently Released: 

Cobra 75 All Road

What year is it?

That’s right: Cobra has just announced a new CB radio that works on the FM band, a move that changes the sound quality and reliability of the CB signal. Called the Cobra 75 All Road, the small radio also lets you connect a headset via Bluetooth for some hands-free squawking.

From the release:

The 75 All Road marks a significant milestone for the CB radio industry as it solves two of the biggest hurdles in the CB market: sound quality and limited space. The 75 All Road is the first wirelessly connected CB radio that combines dual-mode AM/FM and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to deliver unmatched sound clarity. FM mode is a result of the recent approval of Cobra’s petition by the FCC to allow FM mode communication on CB radios within the United States.

With the move to add FM mod communication, CBs can now use the FM channel alongside AM and single-sideband modes. This means you get “improved audio quality and greater ability to circumvent background signal noise typical on CB’s long-standing AM side” according to CCJ.

While the average user might not care much about CB, the Cobra 75 All Road is still a viable medium and it’s extremely popular with off-roaders, truckers, and Jeep lovers. Breaker 10-4, indeed.

You can check out the product here.

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