A quick update on our Lanmodo article from last week

Last week, we brought you word of a new night-vision camera/monitor system for your car (which you can see here). In that article, I had some concerns, which I heard back from the brand on. So, rather than burying that in an inline update, I thought we’d give it a separate posting.

Owner feedback on the device

One of the biggest issues I was raising about the device was that I had a feeling people might try to use it as a substitute for actually looking out their windshield. But, as the brand points out, it’s a driving aid, much like your mirrors – you don’t have to stare at them to make use of them. I will concede that point, but I still don’t have the faith in my fellow commuters that there won’t be more than a few people who rely solely on the screen.

Secondly, I thought it was odd that they weren’t including recording (ala dashcam) to what the device was doing. Well, that was in the original design, but they needed to wait for v2 to hit to include it – and that’s actually going the crowdfunded route for the Lanmodo Vast Pro. When it launches on Indiegogo (you can see the details here) it’s going to have earlybird pricing of just $199, which seems like a much friendlier pricepoint especially once video recording is added in.

For those who simply cannot wait, however, we were able to score you a discount code to use on the existing Lanmodo Night Vision systems. If you use the code LMDNVS_KS you’ll knock $100 off of the pricetag. Not too shabby, though for me, I might be tempted to wait for the Pro version with the recording. lanmodo.com

UPDATE: They’ve got an end-of-year sale going, which means the code LMDNVS_MC will get you a $200 discount until January 1.

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