Casio’s Utility Color G-Shock GA-2000 should be in your everyday carry

Casio makes amazing and amazingly rugged watches. For under $200, you can get one of the hardest-to-kill timepieces around. That’s why we love the new Utility Color?GA-2000, a capo colored G-Shock multi-function piece with massive water resistance and great style.

The piece is far simpler than the Pro-Treks we’ve looked at here and on WWR. That said, this is no worse a watch even though it doesn’t have all of the features of a Pro-Trek, it does what its supposed to do – tell time – very well.

The GA-2000 comes in multiple styles and colors and this setup – camp, yellow, and dark green, is quite nice. The face is eminently readable even with the business of the camp and the features are drop dead simple. In all, this is a great tool watch for folks who don’t want to get their nicer watches ruined while working or playing outdoors.

At $130 it’s a great bargain and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a watch that does a few things – world time, stopwatch, alarm well – and can take a beating.

John Biggs

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