Citizen? in? Space!

Watches heading into outer space – that?s almost to be expected. I mean, we just had all manner of celebratory watch releases for the commemoration of the moon landing. And I?m not knocking those, but what if a watch brand could turn some of their knowhow into something used for the trip to space, and not just timing things? That?s precisely what?s going on with Citizen?s partnering up with space.

First off, what is space? It?s a commercial space exploration venture, and they?re developing the HAKUTO-R to land on the moon, and then go out and explore it (the moon, not the lander) with a rover. That, friends, is where Citizen comes into play.

You see, Citizen has been developing with titanium since they introduced it in their watch lineup in the 70s. For this trip to the moon, Citizen is deploying their Super Titanium process to harden the titanium components used in the lander and rover. This should make for a durable and robust component mix, and the plans are – after the initial missions – to examine how the Super Titanium parts performed and develop versions that are for common applications in lunar exploration. So, perhaps not as snazzy as a watch worn out into space, but Citizen is doing some rather important work here for space exploration. And if I had to guess, there?s going to be some sort of titanium Citizen watch on that maiden landing, mark my words. Citizen X ispace

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