Gray has luxury Apple Watch cases and bands

Gray makes some very expensive, very angular, nice things. Whether it’s a phone case, wallet, cryptocurrency wallet, or pen, you can be sure it’s made out of some form of CNC machined metal with carbon fiber. And now, they’ve got a titanium machined Apple Watch case with band.

What is this thing:

  • CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium ? 6Al4V
  • Mechanically Textured Surface Finish
  • Comes with 1 Black FKM? Watch Band

Suitable for the Apple Watch series 5 watch, there are 4 variants of the case. Titanium, Titanium in PVD Black, Titanium in PVD Gold, Titanium in Aurora (which is essentially taking a torch to the case by hand, causing it to develop rainbow colors.)

Also available is the FKM band. You get one with the case, for 44mm. If you have the smaller sized 42mm watch, don’t bother with the case, just order the strap. It comes in small/medium and medium/large just like Apple’s silicone straps.

FKM is a premium elastomer material. It’s basically resistant to higher heat and chemicals, and is more comfortable than some lesser rubber straps.

The cases are somewhat limited in quantity, depending on color, and pricing varies per color as well.

  • Cyber Titanium – $503, not limited in qty.
  • Cyber Stealth (black) – $705, limited to 100 pcs.
  • Cyber Gold (gold) – $908, limited to 50 pcs
  • Cyber Aurora (rainbow, hand-made finish) – $1219, limited to 50 pcs

The items will be ship June 30, 2020 and range in price from $503 to $1219 USD. No, I’m not making that up. The watch bands are $148. Pre-order is available now at Gray, Inc.

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