Zagg wants to protect your new Samsung Galaxy S23

You know what happens – when a new phone is announced, you’re hit with a bunch of brands pushing cases and screen protection to fit the device. Over the years, I’ve come to trust the Zagg Invisible Shield screen protectors, and have handled a number of their casing options. For the glass, definitely check these out; for the cases, have a look and see if they fit the aesthetics of what you want for your Samsung Galaxy S23.

So, want to know what all they’ve got? You can go to their product pages (for the S23, S23 Plus, S23 Ultra), or you can check out the full rundown down below.

  • Screen protection
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+
      • Fusion ($49.99) – Fusion’s flexible hybrid material absorbs impacts and protects from scratches while feeling just like glass. This powerful screen protector is engineered to be compatible with biometric scanners.
      • Fusion XTR2 Eco ($59.99) – Fusion XTR2 Eco is made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled materials and is the strongest ever hybrid screen protector from ZAGG InvisibleShield. We’ve incorporated Hexiom technology that includes an adhesive with a honeycomb-like structure for unbeatable strength. Fusion XTR2 Eco also improves your entire visual and screen protection experience with anti-reflective technology, an anti-dust adhesive, Eyesafe technology that filters 40% of intense blue light (435-440nm), advanced clarity and more.
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
      • Fusion Curve ($59.99) – Fusion Curve is made with a flexible polymer hybrid, and engineered to be unbreakable. Fusion Curve also includes biometric technology and high-definition clarity. With your screen protected, you’re ready to work and play, anywhere adventure takes you.
      • Fusion XTR2 Eco Curve ($69.99) – Fusion XTR2 Eco Curve is also made with up to 50% post-consumer recycled material and includes Hexiom technology to disperse impact forces and protect your screen from scratches. It contains anti-reflective technology that enriches color on your screen, an anti-dust adhesive, and Eyesafe technology that filters intense blue light.
  • Cases
    • Havana ($29.99) – Havana is more than just a pretty case. We’ve reinforced the top, bottom, and sides with D3O to give you 10 feet (3m) of drop protection.3 And the case is constructed from D3O® Bio, the world’s leading plant-based protection material. D3O Bio is made with up to 45% renewable resources, as opposed to fossil-based resources.4 Havana is available in black, lilac (S23/S23+), and blue (S23 Ultra).
    • Crystal Palace ($39.99) – The Crystal Palace case unites sleek, transparent design and unbeatable drop protection. It’s made with D3O® Crystalex™ and protects your phone from drops up to 13 feet (4m).3  
    • Santa Cruz ($39.99) – The vibe in Santa Cruz, California is fun-loving, open, and proud of it. What you see is what you get—which perfectly describes the Santa Cruz case. It has a transparent, scratch-resistant surface that highlights the D3O impact protection material in the edges of the case. With up to 13 feet (4m) of drop protection and an improved grip, Santa Cruz provides edge-to-edge protection you can count on.3 Santa Cruz is available in black, blue (S23/S23+), and green (S23 Ultra).
    • Milan ($49.99) – Your phone is a work of art, so your case should be too. The gorgeous Milan case is made with transparent D3O Crystalex and provides up to 13 feet (4m) of drop protection.3 The inspired design has elegant ombre detailing in of-the-moment colors. A scratch-resistant, non-yellowing surface preserves the crystal clarity of the case. With Milan, your phone is always runway ready. Milan is available in two translucent color options – aurora and element.
    • Denali ($49.99) – We named this case “Denali” in honor of the tough and enduring indomitable spirit of the mountain. The Denali case provides serious protection with a no-slip grip and a textured finish. This durable, hardback case uses D3O impact protection to surround the frame and back plate for 16ft (5m) of drop resistance.3 Denali is available in black, burgundy (S23/S23+), and blue (S23 Ultra).
    • Denali with Kickstand ($59.99) – Denali with Kickstand provides serious drop protection—16 feet (5m)—with a no-slip grip and a textured finish.3 The entire back interior of the case is protected by D3O, so you know you’re getting superior protection. Denali with Kickstand is available in black, burgundy (S23/S23+), and blue (S23 Ultra).
    • London ($59.99) – Strength and style unite in the London case. London is made with D3O Bio and protects your phone from drops up to 13 feet (4m).3 It has sleek lines, metallic button covers, and a stain-resistant fabric exterior. The London case is inspired by the style and energy of the city. London is available in black, and blue patterns.
    • Everest with Kickstand ($69.99) – The ultra-tough Everest with Kickstand case is inspired by the indomitable spirit of adventure and the determination to get to the top. This case provides up to 20 feet (6m) of drop protection.3 It has a reinforced backplate and frame as well as a textured exterior for a no-slip grip. Everest is made with D3O Bio and comes with a kickstand for hands-free viewing. With Everest, your phone is ready for anything. Everest with Kickstand is available in black, red (S23/S23+), and blue (S23 Ultra).

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