Watch this robot solve a Rubik’s Cube with one hand

A post on Specrtrum makes one thing clear: humans can be easily replaced by robots. To wit: researchers have trained a single robot hand to solve a Rubik’s Cube, a feat that I doubt any of us could replicate with our meat hands.

From the post:

The initial step was to break down the robot manipulation of the Rubik?s cube into two different tasks: 1. rotating a single face of the cube 90 degrees in either direction, and 2. flipping the cube to bring a different face to the top. Since rotating the top face is much simpler for the robot than rotating other faces, the most reliable strategy is to just do a 90-degree flip to get the face you want to rotate on top. The actual process of solving the cube is computationally straightforward, although the solving process is optimized for the motions that the robot can perform rather than the solve that would take the least number of steps.

Don’t get too angry, though. The robot needs a full collection of cameras to assess the cube’s position in space. Not all of us have eyes on our feet.

John Biggs

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