Want a wireless mechanical keyboard? The Keychron K8 has you covered.

As of late, I’ve focused more and more on mechanical keyboards, now that I’ve actually been exposed to them. We reviewed a full-sized option from Das Keyboard, and then we also looked at a more compact, Tenkeyless option from Vortex. This latest offering is in that compact vein, but offers something I’ve not tried out – bluetooth connectivity. Meet the Keychron K8.

To be fair, the Keychron K8 isn’t just a wireless keyboard – you can also use it via the wire, which is a handy bit of flexibility if you ask me. It’s also a platform for flexibility in what, exactly, is under your keycaps. They’ve got mechanical options (in three variants) but they also have optical switches (for even faster response times), and a platform that can – in the correct build – allow for hot-swapping of the switches within the keyboard. So you can really customize what you want.

I do like the compact size of the Keychron K8, as it lends itself to a smaller working space. Also key here is the quick way it allows you to switch between devices (you can have up to 3 connected) so it could really be a quick way to be typing around on a few different devices almost at the same time. Oh, and for those who like backlighting in their keyboards (that’s me) you’ve got simple white backlighting, or a more-complete RGB option in there as well.

The campaign for the Keychron K8 is over 5x funded, with things wrapping up on July 2nd, with shipping anticipated to start shortly after that. You can get in at as low of a price as $59 (white backlight, mechanical switches not hot-swappable) and the range tops out at $89 for an aluminum housing, RGB backlighting, and hot-swappable switches. So, you’ve definitely got some flexibility to control your pricepoint, and can get the setup that you’re looking for. campaign page

Tech Specs from Keychron

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