Turn up the meatballs, IKEA’s Symfonisk speaker streams AirPlay 2 & Sonos

IKEA just launched their sophomore effort in audio, with the Symfonisk speaker. If you like Sonos, or you?re and Apple user, this ones going to be music to your ears.

There are two models of Symfonisk. One looks like a floating bookshelf, and the other looks like a dingy Apple HomePod with a lampshade stuck on its head after a rough night partying.

The floating bookshelf or upright bookend (position it either way) comes in black or white and retails for 99 USD. For an extra 20 USD, you can attach it to your wall so it?s literally like a floating shelf.

The lampshade variant will run you $179 USD. It also comes in a black or white with gray or cream accents if the pictures are any guide.

So why would you want one? If you?re a Sonos user, you don?t have to ask: $99 a speaker is a deal for Sonos.

If you?re an Apple user, the benefit of Airplay 2 is that you get sound quality superior to Bluetooth (in practice. Sure, apt-x HD codec exists, but it?s hard to name speakers and phones that have it.) with the ability to group speakers for room or whole house audio.

All said, it?s the most affordable way to get high quality audio from the sources you?d want to listen to, for $99 or $179 USD. Check them out at IKEA.com.

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