The new Narwal Mops are ready to clean up your act

At this point in time, just about everyone should be familiar with the robotic vacuums that can automatically patrol your home, cleaning up errant crumbs and dirt. That’s great for carpeted surfaces, but what if you’ve got hard surfaces, like tile or hardwood? Sure, the vacuum could work, but sometimes you need to get some mopping going to really clean things. That’s where the options from Narwal come in.

While there are some robotic options from Narwal, the first one is a bit more of a manual version, the Narwal S10 Pro. Rather than a mop, you might want to think of this more like a wet-dry vacuum that can also mop up messes on your floor. Along with looking like your traditional cordless stick vacuum, this has a great innovation in the handle – it flips down completely flat so you can run the device under tables, chairs, or whatever. Nothing like getting the floor clean without having to move furniture, right?

Next up, there are a pair of new Narwal robo-mops – the Freo X Ultra and X Plus. Again, these will feel familiar with the automated cleaning, mapping of rooms, and the like. Like the S10, though, you can not just vacuum, but also mop. The higher-end X Ultra brings niceties like a self-cleaning base station, and the ability to dry what it mopped. On the other hand, those features go away on the X Plus, but it does help reign in the price a bit.

This is definitely a step up from your standard robotic vacuum, and should play quite nicely if you have a lot of hard-surface floors. While these were all announced at CES earlier this year, they’re not available quite yet. The Narwal S10 Pro ($449) will be available in April, while the Narwal Freo X Plus ($469) and Narwal Freo X Ultra ($1,449) will be available in March, either from Amazon, or directly from

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