The new Dell XPS 13 has six cores

The Dell XPS line is probably my favorite windows laptop. Slim and well-built, I’ve had one for years and its become my go-to Linux machine when I need to do a little open sourcing.

Now the 10th generation of this laptop comes with a 6-core i7-10710U processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and features a 4K screen. The best part? It starts at $999.

From the product page:

The most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class: With up to new 10th Gen Intel? Quad Core processors, more cores means increased performance, even with multiple applications running. Plus, Dell Power Manager, engineered by Dell, allows users to customize their laptop acoustics (fan speeds), temperature and performance based on their preferences between quiet, ultra-performance and cool modes. For example, quiet mode is 50% quieter than the other modes. It also dynamically delivers the maximum power from your processor while monitoring and managing system temperatures.

You can’t get Ubuntu on this thing natively anymore – my old model even had a little Ubuntu badge on the bottom – but if you want a thin and line Windows machine (that you can hack into an open source machine) this is a great bet.

John Biggs

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