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For many, many of us, we have coffee to start off our day. For me, that’s true all week, and when I go off camping, it’s no less true. I’ve got a few different ways (including our old-school camping percolator, as well as my trusty AeroPress), but they all require an external source of heat. If you want to simplify things – and you’ve got access to a 12V accessory port – then the GoSun Brew could be quite interesting.

When the information for the GoSun Brew first crossed my desk, I wasn’t quite sure where the “portable power” angle really came in for it. I mean, it looked much like a 16oz insulated travel mug that happened to have a French press top to it. That’s fine (we use a French press on the weekends), but you’d still need a way to heat the water to brew your coffee.

Well, the GoSun Brew has another trick up its sleeve – it plugs in! In that manner, it basically becomes a small electric kettle that you also brew your coffee in. When we think portable, we tend to think of USB for power, right? Well, for the power draw of the GoSun Brew, it requires a 12V accessory port, much like what you have in your car (or on battery packs like GoSun offers). While perhaps not as ubiquitous as a USB-C connection on your gear, it’s still definitely available in a number of spots, so you’ll need to plan out your power source.

Once you’ve got power sorted, the GoSun Brew looks to be a pretty simple device to use. Put the water in, plug it and get the water up to temp. After that, get the coffee grounds in, let it brew, and push the plunger down and then you’re ready to start drinking – right from the GoSun Brew if you so desire. This video walks you through it:

As with all things, gear for coffee is something you can go down some deep rabbit holes for. Here, with the GoSun Brew, you’ve got something that hits the intersection of convenience and gadgetry. Not only that, it gives you an easy way to brew your morning coffee that doesn’t require getting the camp stove going, or just frees up your burners to get breakfast cooking. We are working to get a review unit in, but you can of course get your own in the meantime. While the MSRP of the GoSun Brew is $99, it looks to be currently on sale for $69.

Details and Specs from GoSun

  • Dimensions
    • Width: 2.75 in
    • Height: 8.75 in
    • Weight: 1 lb
    • Capacity: 16 oz
    • Cable length: 8 ft
  • Specs
    • Material
      • 304 Stainless Steel
      • BPA Free Plastic
      • Silicone
    • Power Output: 130W
    • Power Input: 9-15V DC, DB-14 Connector

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