Stop checking yourself out, or How to Look Good on Video Calls

You do it. I do it. We check ourselves out on video calls. Stop it. It sucks. Here’s what we all need to do to look better.

How to look better on video calls:

1. Raise the laptop or camera to eye level. No one looks good shot from under the chin.

2. Lighting. Your web cam is garbage and only works well if it has sufficient light. Do not put the light at your back, you need it on your face.

This is too dark.

3. Turn off the image preview of yourself. It looks weird when you check yourself out, and it makes you look away from the camera, which leads to…

4. Put something attention getting next to the camera so your eye focuses on it. You look strange when your eyes are somewhere other than the camera.

No one knows what terrors are going on in the corner of your own screen.

5. try to not sit too close to the camera. Sitting too close causes viewers to want to pull back.

Too close! pull back!

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