Sippin’ at the desk all day, with the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler

If you recall, it was back in the beginning of March that we brought you word of the new Pelican Dayventure Tumbler. Well, just because we’re not commuting these days doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep our coffee warm. And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing now for a few weeks at home with this mug.

Prior to getting the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler in, I was a two-mug sort of a guy. I have a Contigo that was my go-to for in the car, and then I used a smaller Yeti-style “highball” mug at the office. Those work, sure, but this Pelican brings a wholly new option to the table.

First off, the construction is what you’d expect, stainless steel and vacuum-insulated, with a plastic lid. The powder coating on the steel is nicely done, and gives a good bit of grip to the matte surface. The lid is where things get even more interesting. The lid screws in as you’d expect, but then it’s time to navigate how you actually drink from the thing.

Well, the inner portion unscrews. One half revolution will get you into sipping mode, or about two full revolutions will fully remove it. At first, this seems more difficult than the push-to-drink Contigo, or even a more open lid like what the Yeti has. However, this makes things very spill proof, and actually made me think about when I was grabbing some coffee. That extra two-second operation meant I had to be cognizant of the consumption, and surprisingly the helped me slow my habit a bit.

Additionally, that meant that the coffee in the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler stuck around longer (22 oz is nothing to sneeze at) and it stayed quite hot for a long time. On a slow day, I could have the one mug on my desk well into the afternoon, and have it still be drinkably warm even when it was more than half gone. So, to that end, I’d say well done to Pelican.

Another note about that lid construction. First off, with it being a two-parter that you can take fully apart, that means you can clean it very easily. Secondly, this feels like it should be an inexpensive part to replace should you break or lose it. Finally, let’s talk about that carabiner lip on the lid. You can use it to hook it to your bag, of course, but there’s another benefit – it rests against your finger and keeps the mug from slipping out of your hand.

In short, I came away very impressed with this mug, and given it’s heavier-duty nature, I expect that this will easily be my camping mug of choice (well, provided we can go camping this summer). If you like what you’re seeing here, the Pelican Dayventure Tumbler range is available in 5 colors (red, black, blue, silver, and teal) and three sizes – 10 oz ($19.95), 16 oz ($24.95), and 22 oz ($29.95), direct from

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